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Fun is here. In this step by step tutorial, you will learn pepper drawing for kids. Somehow there is a need to educate children about vegetables. For this purpose, you need to promote vegetable drawing lessons. Here in this lesson, you will get free drawing guides for how to draw a pepper step by step. Kids find it more appealing as this one is really spicy. But kids are aware of it. Don’t use it in raw form. 

You will find really awesome and cool drawings on the Kids Easy Drawing platform. Because paint different things are here. You can draw what you want. So children you know what we are going to draw today? No, okay then start it. Today we are going to draw a vegetable which is called red chili.

Are you curious to know about red chili? Then I will tell you about it:

  • Chili pepper used in many cuisines as a spice to add heat to dishes.
  • It’s available in two colors one is green and the other one is red.
  • It is available in every size in the market.
  • It’s the part of the nightshade family.
  • It is very spicy in taste.
  • In science, it is fruit.

So by following the steps you can make chili, even better than the tutorial diagram. can you do it smartly? Of course, you can do it. So let’s start it.

What you need  for sketching:

  1. A sharp drawing pencil (4 HB type)
  2. An eraser
  3. A drawing sheet
  4. Coloring material

Pepper Drawing For Kids


Step 1:

In the first step draw a circle. Draw a curved line at the lower part of the circle as instructed in the picture tutorial.

pepper-drawing-for-kids 1

Step 2:

Sketch the same curvy lines. Use the drawing tutorial steps for clear understanding. Keep it up!


Step 3:

Now smartly, remove the extra lines to give it a natural look. Make small curves at some distance for the stem as guided in the red pepper picture.


Step 4:

To make it more beautiful, join both small curves to get a complete stem. Follow the image for better understanding.


Step 5:

In this step for cool kids pepper drawing, you need to refine your work. You are doing very well.


Step 6:

Now it’s up to you how to make it more beautiful? But according to the step by step drawing tutorial, we will draw leaves around the stem.


Step  7:

Draw two eye sockets. But remember that the left one will be larger than the right one.


Step 8:

Draw more leaves as guided in the picture tutorial. You can do it!


Step 9:

In the last step, make sparkles around the stem. Then draw the pupil and smile. But you need to do it very carefully.


Step 10:

Color the image in red because it is red chili. We also use red. But you can choose any other color.



You have done great work. You have learned pepper drawing for kids by following step by step guides. Now you can show it to your friends. Leave your reviews in the comment session. Please visit our site for more easy drawing tutorials. 

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