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The fun is here. Because paint different things are here. You can draw what you want. In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a unicorn easily step by step. Kids find this flying horse the best drawing in their school artwork. So children you know what we are going to draw today? No, okay then start it. Today we are going to draw your favorite cartoon which is a unicorn. 

You can find this unicorn a mythical character. But kids tend to show their love for this beautiful creature. Where t-shirts having a unicorn is very famous among young boys and girls. 

Are you curious to know about a unicorn? Then I will tell you about it:

  • It is a fantasy animal
  • Children love it due to it’s a spiral horn.
  • Mostly girls like the unicorn girl.
  • Unicorn is an imaginative animal for children.
  • It has beautiful wings.
  • Mostly this character is used in the Barbie cartoon


So by following the steps you can make chili, even better than the tutorial diagram. can you do it smartly? Of course, you can do it. So let’s start it. 


What you need  for sketching:

  1. A sharp drawing pencil (4 HB type)
  2. An eraser
  3. A drawing sheet
  4. Coloring material


Let’s start this journey with an easy step. 

How To Draw A Unicorn Easily Step By Step

How To Draw A Unicorn Step By Step Easily (1)

Step 1: 

In the first step draw a circle for the face. Make an oval for the body at some distance from the circle.


Step 2:

Join the circle and oval by curvy lines as shown in the picture tutorial.


Step 3:

Make the eye sockets. Draw an oval for the mouth opening. But you need to work smartly.


Step 4:

Remove the extra lines to make your work more beautiful.


Step 5:

Sketch the nostrils and a curve under the mouth opening. Look at the drawing tutorial for a better understanding.


Step 6:

It’s up to you how you can make it beautiful. Make pupils of the unicorn.


Step 7:

As in this step, we are going to do a lot of things, so you need to be attentive. Firstly sketch two small curves as eyebrows. On the right side, make an ear and on the left side make a horn as guided in a unicorn drawing tutorial. Well done!


Step 8:

Sketch an ear on the left side. But you need to be careful.


Step 9:

Make the hair and an oval as instructed in a step by step drawing tutorial.


Step 10:

Sketch the pair of legs as shown in the picture. You can draw it with the help of the tutorial.


Step 11:

In this step for how to draw a unicorn easily step by step. Make the other two legs as you can see in step 11.


Step 12:

Refine your work to make it more clear. It’s very interesting to draw this unicorn 


Step 13:

In this last step, make the tail. Sketch the lines in the legs for feet.


Step 14:

Finally, you can paint it. But we paint it in the pink color to make it beautiful.



You have done great work. You have completed this beautiful drawing by following our step by step guides. Now you can show it to your friends. Moreover, Leave your reviews in the comment session. 

Some Interesting facts about Unicorn:

  • It is very interesting to know that unicorns absorb energy through their horn.
  • As it’s a mythical character so mentioned in Asian myths.
  • Firstly it’s a mythical character, not based upon facts.
  • It’s a beautiful horse with colorful patterns on its body.
  • They have colorful eyes of purple and sky-blue color.
  • Alicorn is the second name of a unicorn.
  • They feel very pleased while in a group. 
  • Unicorns live on grass and hay. 

For more drawing tutorials you can visit Kids Easy Drawing. After learning how to draw a unicorn easily step by step, you can find more sketches lessons here. 

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