Amazing Toucan Drawing – Learn How To Draw A Toucan Step By Step For Kids

Learn To Draw A Toucan Bird

Hi kids,

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a toucan bird in an easy step by step guide. Toucan drawing isn’t a hard task to complete. By following our step by step guide you can finish this task. Let’s come true your dream how to draw a toucan. Hey Kids! There is a cool surprise for you at the end of this cool drawing. You can find some fun facts about the Toucan bird after this completion. So don’t waste your time to finish this as soon as possible.


  • A pencil or a marker
  • A fine Eraser
  • A blank paper
  • Coloring as per your needs


  • You must complete once in a while
  • Give it a proper time
  • Stay motivated
  • Draw politely


Step by Step Easy Toucan Drawing Instructions

Step 1:

In the very first step for how to draw a toucan cartoon drawing, you need to grab your pencil tightly and start off by drawing toucan’s large beak.

It may have further two more steps:

  • Firstly make a curve in such a way that ends at the sharp edge of the toucan bird drawing. Somehow it matches the knife shape. See the image.
  • Add a part of the eye socket.1.How to Draw A Toucan Step by Step for kids

Step 2:

Now draw the eye circle to get the real image of the toucan. Take this line curve from the eye part that intersects the toucan’s beak. Add a curve line, that will cover the toucan body.

2.How to Draw A Toucan Step by Step for kidsStep 3:

You are learning step by step toucan drawing. A few steps more to get the complete toucan drawing for kids. Draw an oval shape similar to sac shape right below the toucan eye. Add multiple curves to complete the toucan bird body.

3.How to Draw A Toucan Step by Step for kidsStep 4:

  • Make small curves for the feathers. By keeping in mind the real image. See the image
  • Draw two small feet curves below the body
  • Mark the outer lining for the cute bird

4.How to Draw a Toucan Step by Step for kidsStep 5:

This is the last step for how to draw a toucan for kids. Draw the flower tail behind the feather. The tail feathers must look as shown in the image. See the image.

5.How To Draw a Toucan Step by Step for kidsSome Instructions:

Last but not least. For a cleaner look, erase as much as you can of the initial guidelines. You’re fabulous that you have successfully learned how to draw a toucan in simple and easy steps. Kidco! You must envy at your drawing.

Congratulations. You have now the first stepped far to complete the toucan step by step drawing.

Grab colors:

In this last step you will learn how to draw colors in toucan bird.  What Colors needed for this drawing? After making efforts to this work it is time to fill some colors to give it a proper and real look. Coloring is an optional work to do. However, you can color your drawing according to your will but for this image you need

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Yellow
  4. Grey
  5. Dark blue

Fill the color as shown in the pic. Draw the yellow color in the beak. To show some special attributes draw red color at beak’s tip.
Have you done? Great!

6.How to Draw a Toucan Step by Step for kidsFor a cleaner look, erase as much as you can of the initial guidelines. Don’t worry about erasing extra guides. If you accidentally erase too much of the final lines, be sure to re-draw them.

Fun Facts about Toucan Bird:

  1. The inner side of the beak is made up of bone material and the outer is made up of keratin.
  2. A toucan beak is the largest beak of 20 cm than any other bird.
  3. They make an attractive and beautiful house( nest)
  4. They took shelter in the house of woodpecker
  5. The life span for toucans is about 20 years
  6. Toucan have approx 25 inches body
  7. South America is the toucan home
  8. They are famous for their long bill


Amazing Facts these are! Good to know these. Now, You are now done. For more coloring drawing keep visiting Kids Easy Drawing. 

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