Amazing Tiger Drawing – How To Draw A Tiger Step By Step For Kids

Tiger Drawing For Kids and Beginners

Drawing a cartoon tiger isn’t hard to do if you have step by step tutorial guide. In this quick drawing lesson, I’ll show you how to draw a tiger in no time. It is simply hand made sketched. Kids can get real work form this easy to follow guides. 

How To Draw A Tiger Step by Step for kids

Tiger is a dangerous animal and kids feel like a loaf (relax) when he is in the cage. In schools and drawing classes they love to draw an easy tiger. Paternal help can motivate them to draw freely. Kids! Our teachings are the same. You can learn here how to draw a tiger in simple and easy steps. Once you start your work convinced yourself to draw until the last step. 

You can find more valuable drawings here. As a matter of fact, many kids are getting benefit from this platform. This drawing is very important even you don’t think so. Kids, you’ll realize soon. Stay here until the right things come to you.

What you need:

  • A plain paper
  • A pencil
  • An Eraser
  • Coloring pencils (Optional)


  • Don’t skip until you have done
  • Take short intervals
  • Cover each step
  • Put your efforts

Let’s start now!

Step 1:

Start your work with a curve in the middle of the paper. This shows the tiger’s head.

How to draw a tiger step by step for kidsStep 2:

Just below the head curve add a pair of dots. Don’t make the hollow eyes. This step will come later.

2. How to draw a tiger step by step for kidsStep 3:

Now complete the mouth by adding W shape. In this drawing tutorial, you get the tiger drawing with an open mouth. One more point to be noted, there must be a show off the tongue. 

3. How to draw a tiger step by step for kidsStep 4:

You are working well with this easy step drawing, you need to meet these subpoints.

  • A pair of the small ear at the top of the head.
  • Draw the eyes in obvious manners.
  • Shape a heart shape nose

4. How to draw a tiger step by step for kidsStep 5:

This is a very simple step to follow.  Draw the right paw for the tiger. This paw structure doesn’t have to be perfect as this is just a guide. Add a curve line to join it with a tiger’s face. 

5. How to draw a tiger step by step for kidsStep 6:

This step seems to be very easy as this step covers

  • A right paw that joins the tiger face
  • V shape curves between both paws
  • The outer lining of the tiger’s ears
  • Eyebrow spot at tiger’s head.

6. How to draw a tiger step by step for kidsStep 7:

Shape the tiger’s body with some inclined way; on the right paw. And add multiple small dots that are the representation of the tiger.
Combine the V shape (Step 6 sub point 2)  with a curve. See the image.

how to draw a tiger step by step for kids

Step 8:

A wavy tail that is coming behind the tiger’s body. Add small spots to a tiger face. See the image. You can learn how to draw a Bengal or Roaring Tiger the same as the way as described above.


6. How to draw a tiger step by step for kids

Step 9:

You are doing great work and you are just one step far. Keep it going!
Add smaller size spots to the tiger’s body that should cover the tail too.

8. How to draw a tiger step by step for kids


Step 10:

Honorable! You are a real cookie. Congratulations!!! You have successfully drawn a tiger by following step by step guide.

Coloring A Tiger


Tiger Drawing Activity for kids

Now it’s coloring time. Mark the colors according to your needs. It would be great to see creativity. Since it is an optional work. You can choose your own colors for this. 

For the following drawing, you need some color supplies to fill in the tiger. 

Color Supplies:

  • Orange color
  • Brown color
  • Black color
  • Pink color
  • Yellow color

By using these coloring supplies draw yellow color to the tiger’s body. Now fill the spots with brown color. The exception is, draw black color in tail’s spots. Make the tongue pink for this tiger. Add brown color to tiger heart shape nose. The outer lining must be with black or brown color so it looks amazing tiger drawing. 

9.How to draw a tiger step by step for kids

You have reached your goal. I hope you had not tired after making this. This is fun and you must keep yourself up to date for such kind of cool illustration work. Good thing is that you are great at being creative. For more Kids Easy Drawings keep scrolling this platform.

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