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How To Draw A Snake Step by Step For Kids

Fusshhhh Fushhhhh. Here it comes. A snake. Kids have fear in their hearts but can easily draw this reptile. Your mission is the same now, in this step by step tutorial you will learn how to draw a snake easily. Find your way to make this drawing beautiful.

One surprise is waiting for you. When you are done then this surprise reveals in front of you. However, you need to have some patience. Keep going with the cute drawing. You will have to stuck with snake easy drawing until you get a real sketch of the snake. 


For this reptile drawing, you need a pencil, a good quality eraser, a ruler, and drawing paper. You can choose a pencil color to make it eye-catchy and beautiful. But these coloring activities can be done in your free time.

Easy Steps For How To Draw A Snake


Easy Steps For How To Draw A Snake

Let’s start your work!


Step 1:

In the very first step of easy snake drawing, you need to draw a curve in the middle of the paper. 

1.How to Draw A Snake step by step for kids


Step 2:

Now draw another curve in such a leafy way that turns into a snake face. See the image.

2.How to Draw a Snake step by step for kids

Step 3:

Place a dark dot in the middle of that leafy structure. Make a small curve for the snake’s mouth. You can also learn How to draw a Cobra, King Cobra, or Cartoon snake in the same way.

3.How to Draw a Snake step by step for kids


Step 4:

Work your way down to the midsection of the body. Draw two curves that will make the snake hearty body.

4.How to Draw A Snake step by step for kids


Step 5:

Kidco, it is time to add some curves for the snake’s slithering body. Draw in a very polite way. No worries if you don’t get the real snake drawing. Keep chasing. You will become a master of it.

Draw a flicking fork tongue. Add a curve line to its body so it will enchant its beauty.

5.How to Draw A Snake step by step for kids


Step 6:

In this step for how to draw a snake, draw two parallel lines as the snake’s body moves backward. See the image for a better understanding.

6.How to Draw A Snake Step by Step for kids


Step 7:

Hurrah you are just one step far to complete this beautiful and amazing drawing. 

Draw the rounding body clearly and give it a front look.

7.How to Draw A Snake Step by step for kids


Step 8:

To make it more believable, draw the tail curve. You are done! 

Congratulations. You have successfully learned how to draw a snake in no time. Take it to your friends and teachers to get appreciation. 

8.How to Draw A Snake step by step for kids


Some Interesting Facts you might Like:


This art is really amazing. You had done a great effort on this. Now take a look at some fun facts about the snake.


  1. Snakes are carnivores. They survive on meat. Sometimes they eat eggs from birds’ nest.
  2. Interesting to know that the snake don’t have eyelids. 
  3. Due to their flexible head, they can take a bigger bite of their prey.
  4. They don’t have external ears but they receive vibration from the ground with inner ears.
  5. Snakes have teeth but they can’t chew. They swallow the food as a whole.
  6. They are usually afraid of those who have the venom of the snake’s poison. Such animals immune to their poison due to natural venom in their body.
  7. “Inland Taipan” snake is the most poisonous snake in the world.
  8. They are very sensitive to cinnamon and clove oil. LOL, strange.
  9. The venom spread quickly and firstly damage the lymphatic system.
  10. some animals like a hedgehog, mongoose and honey badger immune to snake’s venom. As they usually feed on snakes.


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