How To Draw A Scissor Step By Step For Kids – Kids Easy Drawing

Today I will teach you how to draw a scissor step by step for kids. This task will help to learn this scissor drawing but be careful while drawing a pair of scissors. In childhood there is the instruction from parents or elders, not to touch the scissors as you will end up with some injury. So be careful on the same day. So, you must use it wisely.
Having a concern with the same thing we provide only a step by step guide to drawing this object. Kids you need to follow this drawing lesson to achieve what is given here. After all, you will become a master of it. 

What material actually needed:

  • A Fine class paper
  • A good size pencil
  • A smooth eraser

How To Draw A Scissor Step By Step


You can follow our step by step guides to drawing scissors. Let’s start this journey.

Step 1:

So let’s start with an easy step, firstly make the circle .its very easy.


Step 2:

Again make one more circle as shown in the drawing tutorial. 


Step 3:

In this step, we need to draw two more circles. but as guided in the step by step tutorial.


Step 4:

Draw a line of some angle as instructed in the picture as the first blade. You are doing great.


Step 5:

Similarly, draw the second line .you can see both are making alphabet X. well, very nice!


Step 6:

You need to draw the same shape as in the scissor drawing tutorial. Now, we will get the first blade.  You can do this.


Step 7:

Do the same work as you have done in step 6. It seems difficult but it is easy.


Step 8:

To make it more beautiful, you need to refine your work. You are doing well.



Step 9:

In this step for how to draw a scissor for kids, make the letter A like shape in the same position as in the instructed picture tutorial.


Step 10:
It’s up to you how to make it more beautiful, so, refine your work. Very well.


Step 11:

In the last step, You have to add the small circle for the screw to join the blades together. You have done it.


Step 12:

Well, now you need to paint your picture. I paint it black. There are different color pictures available in the you can paint it in any color.



As it’s the appreciation you have learned how to draw a scissor easily. Comment your reviews on our page and see more tutorials of drawing different things on our site. You can get more drawing ideas to train your little champ.

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