Amazing Rat Drawing – Learn How To Draw A Rat Step By Step For Kids

Learn How To Draw A Rat For Kids

Today, your mission is to complete the rat drawing. We’ll show you how to draw a rat easily. The rat(Jerry ) and cat (Tom) fight is unforgettable. Everybody have a great craze for Tom and Jerry Cartoons. Still grown are seen enjoying these cartoons. Show your love to draw this tiny creature and feel happy! You can also learn how to draw a 3D rat. A 3D rat illustration can be used to give a present who love rat. Why not kids?

 You just need to follow every step with great care. Moreover, your consistency in this work will make you an expert in any drawing.  At last, we have a great surprise for you. Hold on and do your work on rat easy drawing.

 Material Needed:

To complete this easy rat drawing you need a pencil, an eraser, a good compass to draw circles you can use any lid to perform this action.

Let’s have a look in the following steps:

Learn How To Draw A Rat Step By Step For Kids

Step 1:

In this very first step of drawing a rat, you need to draw a raindrop shape. a bigger raindrop in the reverse position. See the image.

1.How to draw a Rat step by step for kids

Step 2:

For this step, add a circle as a rat snout. This circle must be at the top of the face.

2.How to draw a Rat step by step for kids

Step 3:

By following our step by step guide, draw a pair of ears. For this draw a circle that must be bigger than snout. You can use a compass or any small lid to perform this action.

3.How to draw a Rat step by step for kids

Step 4:

To gain a complete command on this step, draw two hollow eyes sketch and then add pupils to it. Great work indeed.

4.How too draw a rat step by step for kids

Step 5:

Kids, rat easy drawing isn’t a hard job. You just trace the right step to achieve your goal. Now draw an oval shape for rat body.

5.How to draw a Rat step by step for kids

Step 6:

This is a very easy step to follow. Draw two small U shapes to cover the rat legs.

6.How to Draw a Rat step by step for kids

Step 7:

This is the time to refine your beautiful drawing. Make sure you placed the entire objects in the right place.

7.How to Draw a Rat step by step for kids

Step 8:

You are doing great work kids. What do you say, are these step by step drawing lessons easy to understand or not? You can share your opinion in the comment box.  Draw a coiled tail for this rat.

8.How to Draw a Rat step by step for kids

Step 9:

You have achieved your mission and successfully learn how to draw a rat. Now pick a grey color to fill in the rat body. There are many colors in rats. Even you can find a white rat. Make sure to complete add black outer lining. Pupils are already black. Give some time to make the snout and tail with black shade.

9.How to Draw a Rat step by step for kids

Congratulations, you have successfully learned how to draw a rat for kids. The secret and revealed and you will get some fun facts about rats. 


Some interesting facts about Rat:

Here are some interesting facts about rats you may like.

  1. Rats’ red eyes are the result of genetic mutation. Don’t afraid of a rat who has red eyes. It’s genetically.
  2. Rats’ tail is considered a perfect heat loss organ, it is scientifically proved.
  3. Male, female and infants are called bucks, does, and pups respectively.
  4. You can see them climbing and tunneling while in their good mood.
  5. You found them squeaked when they are frightened or in pain.
  6. If due to any reason rat tail injured then the rat will die soon.
  7. Fancy rats are being kept as a pet. They are friendly indeed.
  8. Rats are very cooperative as they take care of their sick rat.
  9. Rats make a happy sound while playing or in a time of joy.
  10. They are very intelligent mammals. Consider about (Jerry)
  11. They found very alone and depressed when alone
  12. These above-mentioned facts are really appealing. For more Easy Drawings you can scroll this platform to get many drawing lessons.

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