How To Draw A Monkey Step By Step – Kids Easy Drawing

Monkey is famous for its mischievous activities. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will learn how to draw a monkey step by step. This tutorial is really for beginners who want to learn step by step drawing. Our lessons are really easy to follow. Kids seem to be immune while making their beautiful sketch.

Banana is considered as a favorite fruit for the monkeys. Often in the zoo, it is noticeable that many kids are seen to offer bananas to this fast-moving guy. Monkeys tend to relish on these bananas but more than that they also like other fruits. Kids are you ready to draw this cute cartoon monkey? Don’t be afraid while drawing this cute monkey. Surely you will manage this drawing tutorial as good among your friends and fellows.

What Things You Need:

  • Lead pencil or marker (should be sharp edges)
  • A-4 paper for clear drawing
  • Color supplies to make it beautiful

How To Draw A Monkey Step By Step For Kids

How to draw a Monkey step by step for kids

Step 1:

In the very first step of step by step easy monkey drawing. You need to draw an oval shape circle as shown in the picture. See the image.


Step 2:

Now draw the outer line of the monkey body. It should start behind the brain and give a bump shape to it. To get the same pictures you need to follow or see the image below.


Step 3:

In easy monkey drawing, in this step by step monkey drawing guide, draw two smaller ear shapes. Give bumps of the ear as shown in the picture.


Step 4:

In this step of easy monkey, drawing draw the coil-shaped tail. The tail must be curling as per given in the image below. Also, clear the outer lining of a monkey’s body as well.



Step 5:

Now draw the right arm of the monkey. Add curves for four fingers and one thumb. By assuming that the monkey is waving in this drawing.


Step 6: 

In this step for step by step easy monkey drawing, you need to make the left arm along with the hand or paw. This arm must start right below the neck of the monkey. See the image.


Step 7:

Now draw the leg limbs of the monkey. It should be below the left arm show proper curves of the toes.


Step 8:

In this final step, it is time for facial details. A pair of eyes with bold dots, a set of two small nose holes (Nostrils), and a mouth line. Make the outer lining clear for better understanding. 


Congratulations you have successfully been able to learn how to draw a monkey step by step. 


Some Interesting Facts About Monkey:

The spider monkey is the fastest and flexible monkey among all species due to their long arm and tail and could easily jump from tree to tree. 

The loudest sound pitch monkey, their voice can be heard two miles away, are known as howlers. 

Male mandrill weighs 77 pounds and 3.3 feet long considered as the largest monkey.

Their life span is 30-50. They live for a long time due to the habitant of any place.

They mostly live in groups or tribe that promotes their social relationship.

You can see monkeys all over the word they are not space dependent.

Monkeys and apes are in a relationship but they are not the same. 

Beware of them, they can spread disease among human beings.

Bananas are considered as the favorite food of monkeys. 

They are omnivorous.

Hope so, now, you become an expert on how to draw a monkey step by step.  After being aware of these facts you can find more step-by-step drawing guides on Kids’ Easy Drawing. Where not difficult tasks need to be performed. You just follow the steps and follow them accordingly. 

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