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How To Draw A Fox Step by Step For Kids

Drawing a fox wasn’t hard until you get it through step by step drawing guides.  In this quick drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a fox with simple and easy steps. Great, it is! You can draw this cute cartoon drawing within some tick-tocks of the clock. So what you are waiting for. Pick up your pencil and start your work. In fact, you have the ability to do this.

 A reward of, drawing different cute animals can get if you are sincere with your work. You can scroll Kids Easy Drawings to get amazing and outstanding drawing lessons. We place hundreds of easy step by step drawing tutorials for kids.  Not only kids but a grown old can get benefit from these lessons. Drawing is totally linked with creativity and people find how to draw fox for fun and recreation. You can do the same just relax and fun.


Expertise Needed:

Before starting fox drawing, you must be an expert on how to draw triangles, circles, and curves.  You can learn this with our step by step drawing guide.

What You Need:

  • A drawing paper
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A ruler
  • Coloring pencils (Optional)


 You must follow these instructions.

  • Time needed: one hour (It may vary from young to grown)
  • Work on your own way
  • Finish just in a while
  • Take easy and relax
  • Don’t go too fast
  • Do hard work
  • Be consistent

    Easy Steps For How To Draw A Fox

    How To Draw A Fox For Kids

 Let’s start your work, How To Draw A Fox.

Step 1:

Take the start of your drawing, a rectangle shape in the middle of the paper. This will be the fox body. Now draw a circle at the left upper edge of the rectangle as a head.

1.How to Draw a fox step by step for kids

Step 2:

Now, to make the fox body smooth you need to give it round edges. Add a small curve to it. Also, make the fox snout by adding a sharp-pointed shape. This will tell how it looks.

2.How to Draw a foz step by step for kids

Step 3:

Refine your work kids. This is a very beautiful drawing if you follow every step with great care. But don’t stress yourself to be a smart worker. As these things take time.

3.How to Draw a fox step by step for kids

Step 4:

In this step for how to draw a cute fox. Draw a small circle for the fox eye. A pair of legs (front & rare) from the left side.


4.How to Draw a fox step by step for kids

Step 5:

In this step for how to draw a fox, you need to follow these.

  • A small oval shape for the left ear.
  • A small circle at the snout tip
  • Add pupil to fox eye
  • A curve line for a lip.  

5.How to draw a fox step by step for kids

This can be considered as the opening of the mouth if the fox opens. You can make this line wavy. Since this is a cartoon fox drawing. 

Step 6:

By continuing your work with this cute drawing, draw an oval shape for the right ear. Add small circles to its feet.

6.How to draw a fox step by step for kids

Step 7:

This is a simple step to follow. Repeat the same step as you did in the previous step. draw two more circles for feet judgment.

7.How to draw a fox step by step for kids

Step 8:

It is time to refine your work. Draw the ears with some special strokes of a pencil.  Just imagine the real drawing when you achieve it. Great work!

8.How to Draw a fox step by step for kids

Step 9:

In this step, you may take help from your teachers or parents. Divide the fox head by intersecting a curve line. Also, draw an oval shape for the fox fluffy tail.

9.How to draw A fox step by step for kids

Step  10:

You are one step far from easy fox drawing. Divide the tail in one-third part for beauty. Add whiskers with small lining around the snout. Add one more curve to join the body with the face.  You can have a look at the given image. 

10.How to Draw a fox step by step for kids

Step 11:

Congratulations. You are almost completed your mission for this cute wild animal drawing.  You can also find Easy Lion Drawing.

Coloring Activities:

You have completely learned how to draw a fox. Now add some beauty to it by adding some color.

Draw a chili color to fox body. Outer lining must be in black color. Mark the snout done with black color for better look.

11.How to Draw a fox step by step for kids

Here are some interesting facts about Fox:

After this cool drawing here are some fun facts about fox you may like.

How To Draw A Fox For Kids

  1. Some foxes have white tip tail and others have black. It’s all about family and heredity.
  2. They dig an underground den to take shelter from harmful animals.
  3. Whisker on legs and face help them to navigate. Interesting fact!
  4. Red foxes have the ability to listen supersonically.
  5. When they are in a group called skulk or leash
  6. They normally have weighed of 7-15 pounds
  7. Grey foxes are famous to retract their claws.
  8. Male is known as fox and female is Vixen.


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