How To Draw A Duck Easy Step By Step For Kids – Amazing Duck Drawing

Duckling Duckling – here it comes. Very intelligent and emotional bird it is. Do you love its drawing? yeah, we are here to drive this mission successful. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to draw a duck easy for kids. This step by step duck drawing isn’t a hard job. You can find it easy and attractive. Our drawing lessons are not difficult and complex. We go on easy to do and have fun.

Duck drawing for kids has now become a talk of the town. Everyone showing interest in illustrations, artwork, and sketches. You can learn how to draw by following step by step guide. It will easy for you to understand what actually is going on.

I suggest you learn how to draw oval shapes. Because this thing helps you in duck cartoon drawing for kids. For the following work, oval shapes and circles are very compulsory.

Material Needed:

  • A blank paper
  • A pencil
  • An eraser

Let’s start it!

Learn How To Draw A Duck Easy Steps For Kids


How To Draw A Duck Easy For Kids

Step 1:

Start your duck easy drawing with an oval shape. you must take care of while drawing an oval shape for duck body.

1.How to Draw A Duck Step By Step For KIds

Step 2:

This step needs an oval shape slightly lengthy but small. And a circle for duck face.  Make sure you positioned them in the right place. Great doing!

2.How to Draw A Duck Step By Step For KIds

Step 3:

In this step, we will work on the tail and legs. Draw a very small oval shape of the tail and 2 pairs of parallel lines for its legs. See image.

3.How to Draw A Duck Step By Step For KIds

Step 4:

Interesting step to follow. You need to draw oval shapes for its beak. Is this is all about oval shape drawing?  Furthermore, draw two circles just below the legs lines.

4.How to Draw A Duck Step By Step For KIds

Step 5:

Very easy to do kids, you just add a circle for its eye. You are moving to the right stream.

5.How to Draw A Duck Step By Step For KIds

Step 6:

Refine the beak ovals and add a pupil to the hollow circle for a live eye look. Also, draw another oval shape for its right-wing. Make sure about the size and the actual position of it.

6.How to Draw A Duck Step By Step For KIds

Step 7:

You are just one step far. Carry on kids. Remove the extra curves for left-wing. Add value to its legs joints. Add some special curves to make it more beautiful.

7.How to Draw A Duck Step By Step For KIds 

Step 8:

This is your final step. give proper edges and good look to this cute bird drawing.

9.How to Draw A Duck Step By Step For KIds.jpg

Step 9:

Congratulations you have done your mission of how to draw a duck easy.  Normally a young duck is of yellow color. fill the yellow color to its body. don’t forget to add red color to its beak and feet. Finally, give it a black outer lining for the best results.

8.How to Draw A Duck Step By Step For KIds

Interesting Facts about Duck:

Here are some interesting facts you may find amazing:

  1. If you find some duck shaking his or her tail means they are excited or just a take a swim.
  2. Drake, hen, and duckling is the name of male, female and baby duck respectively.
  3. It is observed that they can understand how to play with toys and games.
  4. Ducks can bite you to show special attachment or affection with you.
  5. If you give a name to duck then they will show you their intelligence.
  6. They don’t have teeth so you are a victim of their beak bite.
  7. Ducks are famous for emotional and intelligent creatures.
  8. Ducks have the ability to recognize the human face.
  9. They can see red, green, yellow and blue colors.
  10. They are omnivorous as human


Now after these interesting facts, you can learn more amazing birds easy drawing from this platform. Our platform has a special step by step drawing lesson for kids and grown.

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