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In this quick and easy drawing tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw a cow. Drawing a cow isn’t hard work to do. You just have to stick with it. In fact, a simple and easy task. Kids Easy Drawing has many wild and farm animals. You can find here hundreds of cool drawings. We are here to offer you the best things that will be done by you. Yeah, a real-time for practice. A great time with hand made sketches or illustrations can make your day so far.

Simple & Easy Cow Drawing for kids step by step (1)


  • A blank paper of good quality
  • A sharp pencil
  • An eraser
  • Colors as per your will


Instruction while drawing a cow:


A very friendly pet it is! While drawing you need to be consistent and complete each and every step with great care. You can inspire your teachers and friends; following these amazing steps. Now, Cow drawing is not a question. There is a complete guide that will master you, how to draw cow step by step. After getting appreciation from your parents and friends, your drawing or hand made sketches can become the talk of the town. Don’t leave them unchecked. 


Let’s start your creative work!


Step 1:

How to draw a cow body:

Draw an oval shape at the bottom of your paper. This oval shape is the body of the cow. Draw it clear and use a sharp pencil.

1.How to draw a Cow step by step for kids

Step 2:

How to draw a cow face:

In this step draw a slightly rectangular shape for the cow face. There must be a curve line between the face. See the image.

2.How to draw a Cow step by step for kids

Step 3:

By following the image draw a pair of front legs and a mirror image of rare legs. These legs shape must be smooth. You can add small feet for the cow. 

3.How to Draw a Cow step by step for kidsStep 4:

By continuing your work, draw a pair of ears. Ears must similar to leaves. As shown in the image. See the image.

4. How to draw a Cow step by step for kids

Step 5:

This cow drawing step is very easy. A pair of horns over the head. The horn shape resembles a unicorn horn.

5. How to Draw a Cow step by step for kidsStep 6:

  • Mark two dots for cow eyes. Make sure these dots are in the right place and easy to understand. Don’t make hollow structure eyes. This can concise the cow’s beauty.
  • Two nostrils under the curve line.

6.How to Draw a Cow step by step for kids

Step 7:

It is time to make oval shapes of different sizes. Draw small hollow oval shapes at the cow’s body. This will enchant its beauty.

You are performing very well. If you remain consistent then you’ll cover the step by step cow cartoon soon.

7.How to Draw a Cow step by step for kidsStep 8:

This step will make you happy as you are about to complete this amazing farm animal drawing. Take it easy and draw a hollow curve as a tail. See the image for better perception.

8.How to Draw a Cow step by step for kids

Step 9:

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to draw a cow step by step.

Little remains to be done, kids. 

9.How to draw a Cow step by step for kids

After the successful farm animal drawing. You can add more creative work to it. Don’t feel embarrassed while coloring in a cow. You have already completed your drawing now grab your color pencil to fill some extraordinary colors to it. 

How to Draw  Color in Cow:
Color supplies:

  1. Pink
  2. Black

Color the hollow oval shape with black. Make sure you have done outer lining with black color. To add more beauty to it fill the pink color for cow’s mouth. But be aware not to color the nostrils. Don’t feel shame if colors go out of the body while coloring the cow. You are in the practice zone. Soon you will manage good colors. 

10.How a Draw a Cow step by step for kids

Now done! Great Intelligent kid! For more drawing lesson you can find this platform as a source of great knowledge.

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