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How To Draw A Cat Step by Step For Kids

Meow Meow Here it comes a very cute cat. It’s drawing time! Welcome to kids’ land. In this step by step easy drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cat. Moreover, a surprise is waiting for you as far as you complete this. Share your reviews that this drawing is easy for you or not?

Cat is a wondrous pet and kids love to keep them in house and share their bed with cats. Everybody owns a pet in their home but keeping a cat as a pet as long as human birth. You can draw a cat for your fellow beings to get more appreciations. Giving someone a birthday gift along your handmade drawing will be really appreciable. Surely, you can win their hearts! 

Let’s introduce you to a very simple cat drawing lesson. Don’t need to be perfect for this. You are in a learning zone. Keep practicing to get your real work.


Time needed: 

  1. About one hour: (Time may vary from age to age)
  2. Follow every step with great care.
  3. Consistency reveal the great work

The requirement for cute cat drawing:

It is very necessary to grab your tools before drawing any cute animal.

What you really need is mention below:

  • A pencil of good quality
  • Color supplies (optional)
  • A good quality eraser
  • A blank paper

Easy Steps For How To Draw A Cat


By following these steps you’ll be able to draw a realistic cat that is the dire need of kids.

Let’s start! 

Step 1:

In the very first step for how to draw a cartoon cat, draw a round circle at the center of the white blank paper.

how to draw a cat step by step for kids - Kids Easy DrawingsStep 2:

It is time to draw some triangle shapes. Let’s start it. In this step of mark a triangle shape on the left side. For real work. See the image.

Now draw a mirror triangle shape on the right side.

how to draw a cat step by step for kids - Kids Easy DrawingsStep 3:

Continuing your work, draw two spots of eyes and make one triangle to make a cat’s nose. In this picture, the nose seems like the reverse triangle but to add more beauty you can draw a circle at this place.

how to draw a cat step by step for kids - Kids Easy DrawingsStep 4:

Whiskers are the beauty of any cute pet. The sharp needle-like composition seems to be very charming to our sweet guy.

  • Repeat this same step to the right side. Also, make an anchor shape right below the reverse triangle nose.
  • In this step by step, you need to draw three slightly curves (whiskers) for a cat on the left side.

how to draw a cat step by step for kids - Kids Easy DrawingsStep 5:

You’ll soon get the real image of easy cat drawing. Draw the cat body by making its curve body. To get the real image you must follow every step. See the image.

how to draw a cat step by step for kids - Kids Easy DrawingsStep 6:

Add another inner curve to make it beautiful. The next step will be the last step of easy drawing. This cute cat drawing makes anyone proud in front of their teacher and parents. You can teach these easy steps to your friends and cousins.

how to draw a cat step by step for kids - Kids Easy Drawings

Step 7:

Almost done! A little effort need to be done. Draw the cat paws right below the cute cat face. You can find beautiful Dog Drawing.

how to draw a cat step by step for kids - Kids Easy Drawings


Yahoo! Congratulations, you have just learned how to draw a cat in an easy step by step for kids. Choose your color kits for this but you have full freedom to draw colors as per your will.


Interesting Facts about Cat you may know:

The reveal is over! After learning how to draw a cat here are some fun facts. 

  1. A can purr doesn’t show she is content but they purr in the time of stressed, sick or hurt. 
  2. Young one is known as a kitten, male cat Tom and female is queen or molly.
  3. Most importantly, a human has 206 bones but a cat has 244.
  4. Usually, a cat’s heartbeat is double than of a human.
  5. When cats are in a group known as a clowder.
  6. Cats can rotate their ears to 180 degrees.
  7. Cat spends 65% of its life sleeping.
  8. They have a very flexible body.


Drawing a cat isn’t tricky. Firstly, you must practice this drawing tutorial and when you feel comfortable with this you can choose your own cat for sketching. I hope you can draw well. However, you can even draw more animal drawings by visiting Kids Easy Drawing. Here the complete step by step tutorials will impress you.


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