How To Draw A Butterfly Step-By-Step Kids Easy Drawing – 2021

How to draw a butterfly isn’t a hard job to do.  come with me. i will teach you how to make drawing easy.

Hello little artists! Are you thinking about making a beautiful drawing today? Great! You are at the right place then. Here in this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a butterfly step by step.

Basic Instruction for how to draw A Butterfly

Before starting your colorful butterfly drawing work, you need to keep in mind some basic instructions necessary for enhancing your drawing capabilities. These easy guidelines will help the kids and beginners to draw pencil sketches with fun.


Instructions to improve drawing skills:

  • As it is said practice makes a man perfect. So is the case in the drawing. Draw again and again until you reach near the perfect line.
  • Use your observation power and search for drawing images, landscapes, cartoon images, etc.
  • Take art lessons.
  • Keep a drawing pad with you always.


Things you need for insect drawing:

The art material required to draw a sketch of the beautiful butterfly is:

  • A clean sheet of paper/drawing pad/sketchbook
  • A fine sharpened black pencil
  • An eraser
  • A black marker (for outline)
  • Color pencils/pastel colors/watercolors

Simple Step To Learn How To Draw A Wonderful Butterfly

How To Draw A butterfly

Let’s start your insect drawing. Be relaxed. Use your miraculous skills and have fun.


Step 1:

Start your cartoon butterfly drawing by making a small circle suitable for the butterfly’s head. Don’t make it extremely small. Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures of God.

how_to_draw_a_butterfly_step_by_stepStep 2:

Draw the eyes of a butterfly by making two small and equal circles on top of the previously drawn circle. These equal circles drawing should be in a way that they slightly overlap each other and also overlap the first circle drawn.

how_to_draw_a_butterfly_step_by_stepStep 3:
It’s time to make some refinements in your step 2. Take a close look at  step 2 while working on step 3. You will get the refined work indeed. 

how_to_draw_a_butterfly_step_by_stepStep 4:

Color the butterfly’s eyes with black to draw a real butterfly. Complete the head by sketching the smiling face of your butterfly. Keep on making this easy pencil drawing. 



Hold on, also search for how to draw a butterfly on a flower.

Step 5:

It’s time to make a segmented body of the butterfly. Draw a small oval shape to make the 1st segment just right below the face. See the image.

how_to_draw_a_butterfly_step_by_step Step 6:
Now draw the butterfly’s segmented body. Outline two ovals vertical to each other, the above one attached with the head of the oval. Also, sketch a carrot-shaped segment at the end of two ovals just drawn.


Are you enjoying the fantastic art tutorial for butterfly beautiful drawing? I am sure you are! So let’s keep it continued. Follow the next steps to learn how to draw a butterfly for kids.

Step 7:

Draw a pair of butterfly wings. These upper wings are large and more enchanting in appearance. Follow the same image step to get the wings shape like this. 


Step 8:

Move towards the wings now. Wings of butterflies are the esthetic example of nature’s beautiful creations. A butterfly’s wings are the reasons why it looks so enchanting and everybody loves it. It’s totally up to you what shape you want to see of your butterfly’s wings. They can be heart-shaped or cone-shaped or triangular.


You can go for conical shaped wings. They look really amazing and easy to draw. Draw four wings, the upper two larger than the lower two wings.


Step 9:

This step will take less effort. As you just remove the extra curves to make the butterfly beautiful. Use a fine class eraser to remove the extra curves. 


Step 10:

This step is very easy to follow. Just draw some curves to the thorax part to show the butterfly’s feet. Make sure all the curves are not too much longer than usual. 


Step 11:

Draw antennae of butterflies. And add small circles to the end of each foot. Your painted lady drawing is almost near to completion.



Step 12:

Sketch the feet of a butterfly with your black pencil. Do you know what is inquisitive about the butterfly’s feet? I am quite sure it would be new information for you. A butterfly uses its feet to taste.


Also practice how to draw a butterfly in the garden.


Step 13:

Give a black outline to your butterfly sketch by using a black marker. Use different color pencils or whatever the coloring material you have got to give your butterfly a natural look. The wings of a butterfly are transparent in reality because of the chitin material they are made of. But the variations of colors we see in their wings are because of the reflection of different colors through the scales present in different layers of butterfly’s wings.


I hope you find this art tutorial helpful. I suggest you practice easy sketches to draw with a pencil. Just use your mind and keep on exploring nature’s beauty. Also, search for butterflies in the gardens and butterflies’ images in your kids’ magazines.


Thanks for learning through this drawing lesson, how to draw a butterfly step by step. Here I have mentioned some amazing facts about butterflies. Happy learning!


5 Interesting Facts About Butterflies:

  • The average lifespan of a colorful butterfly is one month but small Butterflies you spot on the flowers may have a very short life span of only about one week.
  • The largest butterfly in the world is Queen Alexandra’s birdwing (having about 25 to 28 cm of wingspan).
  • The smallest known butterfly in the world is the Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly (having a wingspan of only 0.5 inches).
  • The butterflies life cycle has 4 distinct stages that are 
  1.   The egg
  2.   The larvae (known as a caterpillar)
  3.   The pupa
  4.   The adult butterfly
  • The tongues of butterflies function like a straw. So they extract nectar from the flowers and this nectar is actually the butterflies’ diet.

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